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Welcome To Brickstone Construction & Renovation Inc.


roofing professionals | Your roof is struggling for survival every day while being exposed to the worst conditions.

One of the main justifications given by roofing professionals for waterproofing is this. The experts in waterproofing in NYC also include:

  • Excellent Return on Investment/ROI
  • Improve Performance
  • Maximize Longevity
  • Restore & Preserve
  • Slow the Deterioration Process

The substances utilized create a wall that shields your rooftop. Due to the seamless nature and flexibility of this barrier, it resists the expansion and contraction cycles that temperature variations cause in your roof.

It is obviously better equipped to withstand rain, snow, sleet, ice, and even hail due to the waterproofing components. Waterproofing will help you better safeguard your rooftop so it can better protect your house or place of business, even if it may not make much of an aesthetic difference.

Waterproofing your roof is a smart idea before any harm happens. To repair the damage, though, you might occasionally need to hire a waterproofing service. These problems include roof leaks, shingles on the roof’s core breaking, etc. The majority of roof leak repair companies in NYC provide waterproofing services as the ideal fix for leak issues. But in order to receive the best service, you must work with a trustworthy and knowledgeable waterproofing & roofing professionals contractor in New York City. You will only get the service with the most advantages if you work with the top waterproofing contractor in NYC.

Is Your Rooftop A Prospect For Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is durable, adaptable, and time and money-saving. It keeps your roofing system more shielded from damaging factors, such as UV radiation and severe weather.

  • There are a few procedures we need to do before we can install this for your roofing.
  • To determine the present state, a complete inspection of your roof is required. We check for problems including:
    • deteriorated insulation
    • drainage problems
    • flashing difficulties
    • rips
    • tears
  • Dealing with the present repair requirements is the next stage. Aside from that, your roof has to be cleaned. Our crew has a blank canvas to work with once the dirt, algae, moss, and other undesired impurities have been removed. Additionally, it’s the only method to guarantee that your waterproofing sticks to the surface effectively.
  • Now, your roof is ready for installation. We’ll apply your waterproofing expertly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions using our knowledge and training. Our dedication to completing projects accurately and without taking quick corners is what gives our clients high-quality results. 

Allowing us to handle the waterproofing installation and maintenance will ensure the maximum performance and lifespan of your roofing.